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The jezebelles were a pop/punk/rock band active from 1993 - 2004, their music was best described as "Green Day meets The Rolling Stones." They toured throughout their career and when they weren't traveling they were rehearsing. Their catalog of original songs is close to 200, they released 2 singles, 1 EP and 2 full length albums. In 2003 the band decided to record their last album in the seclusion of their own recording studio.

The result was "The Sound of Orange", they did not shop it for release, Christian Briar told us, "We never had the intention of releasing it, this one was just for us." Once completed the band retired, and each of the band mates went their own ways. Most of their material is now out of print, but you can experience "The Sound of Orange" by either listening here or downloading the CD below. The jezebelles would also like thank all their fans and supporters over the years

"We gave you everything we had, and you made it an unforgettable journey, thank you ALL!"
- The jezebelles

Download the "Sound of Orange" CD


01 Pale
02 Trippin
03 Alice Alone
04 Fragily Bizarre
05 Baby Cant Slow   
06 You Use
07 Good To Know
08 Stay
09 Clash And Run
10 With Me
11 So You Go
12 Fade Out


All CD's are currently
out of print


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